A labour of love

Rugs are the centerpiece of a room. They adorn the fifth wall, the floor, with their knotted or woven beauty. Rug art has many facets as well, it can be abstract and geometric, modern and dynamic or restrained and subtle. It can transport century-old ornamentation to the present, play with three-dimensional structures or utilize different materials such as tactual highland wool or fine, radiant silk. This combination of modern design and traditional craftsmanship can be found in every rug and carpet at the Middleway Gallery. Each unique piece is designed by international artists and handmade in Iran, Morocco, India or Nepal.

At the Middleway Gallery you will find authentic Moroccan Beni Ouarain, hand-knotted Persian carpets as well as designer rugs created by three renowned companies with very different styles: Henzel Studio, The Rug Company and Zollanvari.