Masterpieces from Famous Carpet Designers

In renowned Persian carpet studios, rugs fit for palaces are created by master weavers. Special high-quality wool and silk in soft shades or in shimmering jewel tones are hand-woven into artistic medallions, animal figures and intertwined arabesques. The finely knotted carpets reflect the character of the places where they were created. Some of these masterpieces are, for example, woven in Isfahan, a city full of magnificent buildings and flowering gardens. While others are made in Tabriz, the old cultural and commercial center of Iran. Yet other carpets are hand-knotted in Ghom, a world-famous metropolis not only known for its golden mosque dome, but also for its fine silk carpets. The Hamburg importer Mirzazadeh, an acknowledged specialist for exclusive oriental carpets, presents these masterfully woven carpets in Speicherstadt.